Promoting Through GPSA

We welcome submissions from WSU graduate and professional students or faculty/staff, who intend to communicate an announcement that is relevant to the graduate and professional community. Content can consist of items, such as WSU or community events, volunteering opportunities, conferences being hosted at WSU, on-campus job opportunities for graduate students, GPSA-related items, etc.

If you would like to include content in the GPSA Monday Minute Email Newsletter and/or on social media, then please fill out the Promotional Request Form. Please fill out only one form per item or event, and provide all relevant information (e.g., event names, dates, times, locations, website links, social media links, registration forms, etc.) for your content or event. Below are the dates available for your content to be included in the Monday Minute, as well as the deadlines to submit for each date, which is 2 weeks prior to the publish date. For social media requests, we also ask that these are submitted 2 weeks prior to your requested publish date. No late submissions will be accepted. If you have any questions, then please contact the Communications Chair.

Submit Your Promotion Request

Design Specifications for Monday Minute

  • All images must be sized 1200x380 pixels.
  • Images must be saved as .jpeg.
  • Keep clarity and aesthetics in mind by using easy-to-read fonts and clear photos.
  • Make sure that text is extremely minimal, such as only the title of the event. We will not be able to include images that have more than a few words (this is for accessibility purposes).
  • Excessive blank space along the sides is not permitted.