GPSA Branches of Government

GPSA is made up of multiple branches of government.  For a deeper understanding of GPSA's Senate or Executive Board, please reference the GPSA Constitution.

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Executive Board

The GPSA Executive Board, made up of 11 positions, including President, Vice President, and Vice President of Legislative Affairs, serves to ensure that your voice is being heard on the Washington State University-Pullman campus. Each position has a specific role to help support the President, Vice President, and Vice President of Legislative Affairs in succeeding to support and better the experiences of graduate and professional students.

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The Senate

GPSA senate is the deliberative assembly of GPSA.  It’s composed of Senators, College Representatives, and Executive Officers. There are up to 60 senators that represent individual academic units and one College Representative for each college.  The senate also elects or appoints executive officers.  Those Executive Office positions include a President, Vice President for internal functions, and a Vice President of Legislative Affairs. The senate holds regular meetings during the academic year.

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