Travel Grants

The Travel Grant Committee provides funding for graduate and professional students to enhance their professional and developmental goals through attending different activities and events, including conferences, workshops, wet labs, internships, preceptorships, courses, career fairs, etc.

Only travel expenses paid by the student will be considered for reimbursement. Costs covered by the department are not eligible for reimbursement

For more information about WSU policies on Travel Policies and spending authorization, view the Office of Policies, Records, and Forms.


Apply for a Travel Grant

Types of Travel Grants

Travel Dates and Application Deadlines

Read the table carefully and find out which travel period you need to submit your application.  Learn more about choosing an application period.


Travel Period 

Application Period 

Fall 1

Sept. 1-30 

Sept. 2-Oct. 1 

Fall 2

Oct. 1-31 

Oct. 2-Nov. 1 

Fall 3


Nov. 2-Dec. 1 

Fall 4


Dec. 2-Jan. 3 (extended for holidays) 

Spring 1

Jan. 1-31 

Jan. 4-Feb. 1 

Spring 2

Feb. 1-28 

Feb. 2-March 1 

 Spring 3 

March 1-31 

March 2-April 1 

Spring 4

April 1-30  

April 2-May 1 

Summer 1

May 1-31  

May 2-June 1 

Summer 2

June 1-30  

June 2-July 1 

Summer 3

July 1-31 

July 2-August 1 

Summer 4

Aug. 1-31

Aug. 2-Sept. 1

Begin the Appeal Process

 GPSA Travel Grants – Appeal Process


  • To guide WSU graduate & professional students about appealing award decisions for travel grant applications.


  • It is the responsibility of the student applicant to submit an appeal for their application.
  • Faculty, Travel Coordinators, or other WSU members, friends, or family are not permitted to submit an appeal on behalf of the student applicant.
  • The GPSA Travel Grant Chair or their designee from the Grants Committee is responsible for the review of appeals and subsequent approval or denial. The GPSA President, including the Travel Grant Chair, may serve as a designee under extenuating circumstances deemed necessary by the Grants Committee. The Travel Grant Chair must work with to ensure adjusted timelines can be met.