Why become a GPSA Representative?

The reason I joined GPSA was to interact with graduate students and faculty on-campus. GPSA gave me an amazing opportunity to closely work for and understand the issues of graduate students. And the best part is that it taught to me collaborate and develop interpersonal skills.

— Debomitra Dey; PhD Candidate, School of Food Science; GPSA Senator and PDI committee member | 2020

Being in GPSA has given me the profound opportunity to contribute to a community I benefit from and believe in. As a graduate student, I have appreciated the many ways GPSA has supported my growth, both professionally and personally, through its extensive services and initiatives. I am continually inspired by our vibrant graduate student community and appreciate the opportunities to connect and collaborate. Overall, I am grateful to be a part of an organization that actively believes in our capacity to inspire change through our research, teaching, and service and recognizes the value of our efforts.

— Tabitha Espina; PhD Candidate, English Rhetoric and Composition; GPSA Senator and University & Student Affairs Committee member | 2020

The GPSA Senate has taught me about the power of advocacy and the importance of ensuring that the voices of graduate students are effectively communicated throughout the community.

— Islam Khan; PhD Candidate, Physics & Astronomy; GPSA Senator and Budget committee | 2020

Being a part of the GPSA Senate is a unique experience, which helps me to be informed and to learn to approach problems from a broader perspective. It is diverse, inclusive, energetic, and fun. It gives you a voice to influence the next big decision for graduate and professional students. It is inspiring to see how so many passionate individuals come together to mold decisions that matter.

— Ayumi Manawadu; PhD Candidate, Structural Engineering; GPSA Senator and Community Affairs committee | 2020

Being a Senator with GPSA has helped broaden my understanding of the graduate and professional student issues around the state, and has given me opportunities to work with and learn from many people that I would have never interacted with, without being a part of this organization.

— Margaret McCoy; PhD Candidate, Horticulture, Research and Extension Centers; GPSA Senator and University and Student Affairs committee | 2020

I like being a GPSA Senator because it is an excellent opportunity to be engaged with the broader student community across WSU in terms of addressing student needs, being informed about university policy and affairs, and helping bring the Pullman campus and RECs together.

— Arunabha Mitra; PhD Candidate, Plant Pathology; GPSA Senator and Communications Committee | 2020e

GPSA offers lots of programs and opportunities to students. I have personally benefitted from many of these programs (like Travel Grants and the Research Expo) during my 4 years at WSU. I have loved the opportunity to promote these programs so that other graduate and professional students can also benefit from them. I am thankful for my time and the connections that I have made in GPSA.

— Andrew Gillreath-Brown; PhD Candidate, Anthropology (Archaeology); GPSA Chair of Communications, College Representative for Veterinary Medicine, Research and Arts Committee, and Historic Preservation Committee | 2020

Being involved in GPSA has allowed me to learn more about the resources available to graduate and professional students and has taught me to advocate more effectively on behalf of graduate and professional students. As an international graduate student, I am grateful for the opportunities that I, together with other students, have had to talk about international graduate student concerns at WSU and even in D.C. The GPSA community is one that offers physical, emotional, and mental support and I am thankful that I am a part of it.

— Rachel Wong; PhD Candidate, Educational Psychology; College of Education representative, Chair of Programming, UREC Board, and Student Media Board | 2020

As a GPSA Senator during the 2019–2020 academic year, I improved my anthropological training by learning alongside fellow GPSA senators about how to navigate WSU’s political landscape and how to create better conditions by advocating for graduate and professional students.

— Arian Karimitar; PhD Student, Cultural Anthropology; GPSA Senator, Grants committee, and Office of Student Involvement | 2020