Washington State University Annual Interdisciplinary Conference on Social Justice


The Washington State University Interdisciplinary Conference on Social Justice (WSU SJCon) is an annual event sponsored by a diverse group of WSU departments across campuses, as well as community partners. The aim of this conference is to construct and strengthen community ties through a continued goal of building coalitions with the intent of doing social justice work.

Social justice is perhaps most often associated with fostering fairness and equity in society. The term, however, is wide-reaching and applicable to a significant number of fields. Doing social justice work within the academic context can help instructors, students, and community members develop a proclivity for social change and an awareness of the ways injustices manifest in our daily lives. However, the WSU SJCon also acknowledges the importance of moving beyond noticing or theorizing social problems; social justice requires action.

The WSU SJCon was co-founded in 2020 in response to this need for action. Each year, the graduate student-led planning committee will choose a theme, produce a call for papers, organize keynote events , and prepare a variety of panels from submitted proposals. All aspects of the conference are organized and executed by graduate students from various departments with the help of supportive faculty from across campuses. The WSU SJCon also highly encourages participation outside of traditional academia. As such, the WSU SJCon provides exciting and unique opportunities for undergraduate students, graduate students, and community members alike, which may include planning, executing, and presenting at an academic conference. 

Upcoming Conference

WSU SJCON 2022: “Re-storying” Social Justice: Constructing Coalition at the Intersections of Theory, Community, Positionality, and Practice

Location: Virtual via Zoom
Date: March 25–26, 2022

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Qwo-Li Driskoll describes “re-storying” as “a retelling and imagining of stories that restore and continue cultural memories… [a] radical disruption of master narratives through the telling and retelling of stories that disrupt dominant formations of history and culture” (2016). This year’s conference theme, “Re-storying” Social Justice: Constructing Coalition at the Intersections of Theory, Community, Positionality, and Practice, is a response to intersecting concerns about the future of the planet, the future of coalitions, and the future of academic work. The WSU SJCon is an interdisciplinary social justice conference, organized, supported, and sustained by diverse members of the WSU community and the communities that relate, surround, challenge, and enrich us. As such, we are fundamentally committed to coalitions, to being in relationship with others, including the more-than-human world. And, like many, many others before us, we contend that coalitions are a foundational element of the theories and practices necessary for a more equitable future.

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