Graduate and Professional Student Association

University Committees

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We are always accepting applications from persons interested in serving as a GPSA representative on university committee vacancies. You do not need to be a GPSA officer to serve on a committee. To apply, click the button on the bottom of the page. All appointments are done by the GPSA President. 

* Application separate from GPSA. You can serve on these committees by following this separate application process, and your service will be as a non-GPSA representative.

Presidential Committees

Athletics Council: Shane R. Reynolds

Commission for Gender Identity/Expression and Sexual Orientation: Paulina Abustan

Commission on the Status of Women: Tiffany Alvarez

Employee Excellence Award: Katie Harris

Fee: Shima Bahramvash

Services & Activities Fee: Brittany Wood & Joseph Taylor

Sustainability and Environment: Amanda Stahl

Diversity Website: Tabitha Velasco

Peer to Peer Training Curriculum: Ta'Boris Osborne, Jenne Schmidt

Recruitment & Retention of Students & Faculty of Color: Carolina Silve, Courtney Benjamin

UCore & Diversity Website: Amir Gilmore, Leigh Gaskin, Miles Sari

Student Success Council: Travis Barrus

Fiscal Health Advisory Committee: Michael Craven

PSAB Application

Faculty Senate Committees

Academic Affairs: Vacant

Admissions Subcommittee of AAC: Intissar Yahia

Budget: Michael Craven

Campus Landscape Advisory: Vacant

Distinguished Faculty Addresses: Kuan Chen

Graduate Studies: Sanaz Jarolmasjed, James McNeal, Chase Riddle

Health Sciences Committee: Katie Reynolds, vacant

Historic Preservation: Andrew Gillreath-Brown

Library: Candace Chappelle

Parking Appeals: Vacant

Registration and Records: Vacant

Research and Arts: Amir Gilmore, Nikayla Strauss

Advisory Boards & Task Forces

Academic Integrity Committee: Josh Munroe

Academic Integrity Hearing Board: Elizabeth Bernhardt, vacant*, vacant*

Bias Advisory Response Team: Paul Mihalyov

Campus Mental Health Collaborative: Shane R. Reynolds

CCE Advisory Council: Tiffany Alvarez

CUB Advisory Board: Colin Storm

Housing and Dining Board: Stephanie Sjoberg

Insurance Business Committee: David E. Silva

LEAD Award Committee: Motahare Athariboujeny

Professional Development Advisory Council: Shane R. Reynolds, Jenn Johnson

Pullman Police Advisory Committee: Vacant

Student Health Advisory Committee: Amir Gilmore, David Silva

Student Media Ad Fund: Justin Surber

Student Media Board: Leigh Gaskin, Rachel Wong

Transportation Safety Committee: Shane R. Reynolds

Transportation Services Task Force/Transit Advisory Group: Hongda Ren

UREC Board: Jing Sun, Jonathan Eagle