• When traveling, keep all original receipts and relevant information regarding your travel.
  • You will need to scan and attach your receipts in one document to attach to the application; these should also be blind copies of your receipts.
  • Submitting Travel Receipts, Spend Authorization Form, and the Advisor Approval Form with your name disqualifies your application. However, after receiving an approval letter from the Travel Grant Committee, you have to submit original travel receipts with your name through a graduate or professional travel coordinator of your program or a host department.

- One way to do this would be to scan your original forms and receipts and then remove your name from the scanned copies. This way, you have both the original receipts (for your records and to submit for reimbursement if approved) and the edited copy to submit with your application.

  • Students may submit as many applications per application period as they wish. All applications must meet the criteria listed above to be considered for reimbursement.

- Pay attention to the funding caps listed in the "funding cap" section when completing more than one application.

  • In the application, you must provide detailed information stating how this was the most cost-effective way for you to travel and that you are seeking reimbursement solely for the travel you applied for.

- For example, if you choose to drive across the country for a conference, although it would have been cheaper to fly, your application would be rejected unless you have a convincing reason to do that.