General Information 

  • GPSA financially supports graduate students in conference presentations, wet lab and workshop attendance/presentation, professional and career development activities, internship, preceptorship, and intercampus travels.
  • These funding opportunities are available for Pullman fee-paying graduate and professional students at the Washington State University.
  • All reimbursements will be allocated by the GPSA Travel Grants committee and students that apply are not guaranteed to fund.
  • These are not research grants and cannot be used as such, but it is rather reimbursement for registration and travel associated with academic or professional work.
  • These are post-travel grants processed as reimbursements after you return from your trip. All students must fund their travel before applying for a grant. (GPSA will not grant funding, nor will GPSA offer to fund to any student before they have completed a travel or professional activity.)
  • Reimbursements will not be paid to departments, grants, or advisors. Reimbursements are only available to students, and for students that have paid out of pocket. There are no exceptions to this rule.
  • Some months the awarded grants may be less than the requested amount due to a large number of applicants each cycle.
  • Please remember to consider the relative strength of your application before you plan for the activity (conference, workshop, certificate, etc.) to maximize your likelihood of being awarded a higher amount.