• All Pullman fee-paying graduate and professional students at the time of application are eligible to apply for a GPSA travel grant.
  • Each student can submit more than one application per travel period or academic year until the applicant reaches the maximum funding cap per travel period or academic year.
  • Students are permitted to apply for more than one grant type in the same cycle if they attended two events (conferences, workshops, etc.). They may be awarded partially based on available funding per travel period.
  • Applicants must keep all original receipts (registration costs, travel receipts, etc.) and relevant information regarding the travel.

Eligible Expenses

GPSA can only fund your share of the following expenses:

1. Registration fees

- Registration does not include required membership for conferences.

2. Transportation costs via airfare to the destination, shuttle costs, etc.

3. Ground transportation expenses (e.g., Uber/Lyft/taxi/train/bus/ferry)

4. Personal cars

- If a personal car was used, then provide a mapped printout of the distance traveled. No gas receipts required, and reimbursement is per the university rate explained in the application. Personal mileage is reimbursed for personal vehicle use only (receipt required).

5. Rental cars

- WSU has a contract with Enterprise. Travelers can work with their coordinator to book under the state contract for a better rate. 

- If a rental car was used, then provide rental receipt and gas receipts. Gas is reimbursed for rental vehicles only (receipt required).

6. Airport parking

Ineligible Expenses

  • Any expenses, such as travel visas, lodging costs, food, and expenses will not be reimbursed by GPSA.
  • Travel should not include personal time – covered by the traveler.

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