• The Conference Presentation Travel Grant is designed to assist WSU Graduate and Professional students who are representing the Washington State University by presenting research papers, posters, or creative works at conferences
  • This is offered to students to help defray registration and transportation expenses associated with travel to and from professional conferences.
  • Applicants should apply after presenting at the conference. Awardees will be reimbursed once the GPSA receives original documentation and receipts before the deadline.

Application Materials:

To apply for this type of grant, you have to fill out two forms at the Coug Presence platform which are described below. You have to submit both forms (1 & 2) to be considered for the review process. 

Important Point: Coug Presence doesn't let you fill out Form 2 before submitting Form 1. Please submit Form 1, then you have access to Form 2. Please don't forget to log in to the Coug Presence before filling out the form. 

A. Fill form "GPSA Travel Grant-Form 1: General information" and attach the following document to the form. The link is available on this page. 

1. Advisor/Department Chair Approval (Form)

2. Conference approval letter for the Poster or Paper presentation 

3. Travel and registration receipts

4. Create Spend Authorization Form 

- For in-person travels, this form should be created with guidance from the host department travel coordinator through the WSU Workday platform (How to create Spend Authorization Form). 

- For virtual conferences and events, there is NO NEED to provide the pretravel authorization form. This means that you need to contact (through email) the travel coordinator of your department and let them know you apply for a travel grant. You will upload a screenshot of your email communication with the travel coordinator in Coug Presence as proof of contact with a travel coordinator. 

- Don't forget to blind your name and email address in the uploaded document. The reason that we request such proof is that if being awarded, all the financial processes will go through the travel coordinators. So, they have to be informed about your application ahead of time.

B. Fill form "GPSA Travel Grant-Form 2: Conference Presentation". The quality of your responses to the questions will be evaluated in the review process. The link is available on this page. 

  • Award amounts per application will NOT exceed $1000 for North America and 1,500 for International conferences. 
  • NOTE: Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, eligible expenses also include registration fees for virtual conferences. These awards may not be used for travel expenses (e.g., airfare) if you present at virtual conferences. In your application, please specify the cost of virtual registration fees.



Travel Grant - Form 1: General Information (at Coug Presence) Travel Grant - Form 2: Conference Presentation (at Coug Presence)