Application Criteria

  • The amount awarded is based on the quality of the application relative to other applications in that period. The GPSA Travel Grant Committee judges the quality of each application based on professionalism (spelling and grammar, appropriate word usage, formatting, compliance with instructions, etc.) and the completeness of the application materials as specified below.
  • This application has a BLIND review process. The name and contact information of the applicant should be removed from all the attached materials, including the spend authorization form, registration receipts, airfare tickets, transportation receipts, advisor’s approval form, etc., except the application form.
  • Late or incomplete applications will not be considered for review.

Application Materials (An application is considered complete if and only if it contains the following items):

1.  Application Forms at Coug Presence

- To apply for each type of travel grant, applicants should fill out two forms.

2.  Create Spend Authorization Form at Workday

- This form is a requirement according to university policy. It also ensures that the applicant has corresponded with their travel coordinator. For more information, please see WSU's Travel Approval policy

- This form is required for in-person conferences, events, meetings, etc. For online or virtual events and activities, proof of informing the travel coordinator through email prior to the submission is needed.

- Travel coordinators cannot mention GPSA as a source of funding at the Spend Authorization Form. They must mention the “Personal Fund” or “Host department Fund” as a source of funding in this request.

Steps toward creating Spend Authorization Form:

A. Prior to in-person travel, create the “Spend Authorization Form” at the Workday platform with guidance from the host department you are traveling on behalf of and refer to How to create Spend Authorization Form if you have any questions

* Don't forget to start this process in advance.

B. Travel coordinator should fill out account information at Spend Authorization Form (e.g., amount of fund, region of travel, advisor/department chair, source of funding: “Personal Fund” or “Host department Fund”).

*Some departments may have internal travel forms to gather information from applicants before creating a spend authorization form at the Workday platform. Please be in touch with the travel coordinator of your department to find out if more information is needed.

C. Applicant should upload the approved Spend Authorization Form at the Coug Presence.

* This application has a BLIND Review process. Submitting documents with your name or any identifiable information disqualifies your application.

3.  Advisor's or department’s chair approval form (for Conference Presentation Travel Grant only).

- Graduate student applications for conference travel should fill out the approval of advisor's or department’s chair form 

- If your advisor/department’s chair does not approve your application before the deadline, the application will be viewed as incomplete and will be disqualified. There will be no exceptions made for incomplete applications after the application deadline.

4. Proof of Attendance

- Proof of attendance or certificate (required for attending wet lab/preceptorship, professional training)

- Offer letter (required for internship travels)

- Proof of invitation or reason to attend (required for intercampus travels)

5. Attachment of travel receipts

- Besides evaluating responses for thoroughness and accuracy, the Travel Grant Committee also considers the efforts made to minimize transportation and registration costs, and efforts made to secure alternative sources of funding.