Travel Grants

Quick Information 

  • The Travel Grant Committee provides funding for graduate and professional students to enhance their professional and developmental goals through attending different activities and events, including conferences, workshops, wet labs, internships, preceptorships, courses, career fairs, etc.
  • Effective September 2nd, 2022, GPSA grants application FORM 1 has been updated. Please read all instructions carefully. 
  • Due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on in-person conferences and events in FY 2022, the travel grant committee will continue funding both online and in-person professional and career development activities, except internships, preceptorships, and intercampus travels. For receiving reimbursement for these travels, an applicant should be physically present at the travel destination for a considerable period of time.
  • GPSA travel grants are competitive: funding will be allocated based on eligibility, quality and completeness of your application. All students that apply are not guaranteed to fund.
  • From September 1, 2021, this committee will no longer accept applications through the Zoom Grants platform. Due to the expiration of the contract with this platform, this committee will not be responsible for applications submitted through the Zoom Grants from this date. The substitute platform is known as Coug PresenceThe link of access to each type of application is provided in each travel grant section. 
  • Travel Grant Committee has a limited fiscal budget coming from the student services and activities fees (S&A fees) to be fairly distributed among all graduate and professional students. As our budget is coming from Pullman S&A fees, it is illegal to be used by departments and advisors. Please do not request reimbursement of travel expenses covered by the department's funding, advisor's grants, or other external or internal sources. This committee only considers those expenses which are paid by the applicant/traveler.
  • This committee only reimburses business-related transportation expensesFor Personal Car Mileage and Rental Car requests, please check the section on Eligibility. All eligible expenses and details of the required documentation are explained there. 
  • The application for Membership Grant was closed on April 10, 2022. Applications were processed and will be reimbursed from the 2021-2022 budget. This committee will no longer reimburse membership fees. 
  • This committee will no longer reimburse flight cancellation fees for travel that is canceled due to the coronavirus.
  • If you have any questions and concerns, please contact the Travel Grant Committee Chair at

How To Apply

1. Choose the type of Travel Grant you want to apply for and read the information inside each quick link.

2. Read the “Travel dates and Application Deadlines” table carefully and find out which travel period you need to submit your application. For more information and examples go to the "Choosing Application Period" quick link.

3. Go to quick links at the “More Information” section to find out about our general policies, required documents, and details on the funding process.

4. Make a new application (at Coug Presence), fill out the forms, and attach the required documents. Submit your applications in a timely manner.

Travel dates and Application Deadlines

Read the table carefully and find out which travel period you need to submit your application. For more information and examples go to the Choosing Application Period.

  Travel Period Application Period
January (Spring 1) January 1, 2022  January 31, 2022 January 2, 2022  February 1, 2022
February (Spring 2) February 1, 2022  February 29, 2022 February 2, 2022  March 1, 2022
March (Spring 3) March 1, 2022  March 31, 2022 March 2, 2022  April 1, 2022
April (Spring 4) April 1, 2022  April 30, 2022 April 2, 2022  May 1, 2022
May (Summer 1) May 1, 2022  May 31, 2022 May 2, 2022  June 1, 2022
June (Summer 2) June 1, 2022  June 30, 2022 June 2, 2022  July 1, 2022
July (Summer 3) July 1, 2022  July 31, 2022 July 2, 2022  August 1, 2022
August (Summer 4) August 1, 2022  August 31, 2022 August 2, 2022  September 1, 2022
September (Fall 1) September 1, 2022  September 30, 2022 September 2, 2022  October 1, 2022
October (Fall 2) October 1, 2022  October 31, 2022 October 2, 2022  November 1, 2022
November (Fall 3) November 1, 2022  November 30, 2022 November 2, 2022  December 1, 2022
December (Fall 4) December 1, 2022  December 31, 2022 December 2, 2022 – January 3, 2023

More Information

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