Executive Office


Reanne Cunningham Chilton

President and Executive Board Chair 

Compton Union Building (CUB) Room 308C
Pullman, WA 99164
(509) 335-9545
Office Hrs: TBD*

Marwa Aly

Executive Vice President and Budget Chair

Compton Union Building (CUB) Room 308B
Pullman, WA 99164
(509) 335-2189
Office Hrs: TBD*



VP of Legislative Affairs and Chair of Legislative Affairs 

Compton Union Building (CUB) Room 308A
Pullman, WA 99164
(509) 335-2645
Office Hrs: TBD*

*Executive officers might have scheduled meetings during their office hours. To ensure availability, please consider scheduling an appointment by emailing them.


Executive Board


Behnaz Molaei

Chair of Awards & Scholarship
College Representative
At-Large representing College of Agricultural, Human, and Natural Resource Sciences (CAHNRS)

Office Hrs



Arpita Sinha

Chair of Communications 

College Representative
College of Arts and Sciences

Office Hrs



Arian Karimitar

Chair of Grants 
College Representative
At-Large representing The Edward R. Murrow College of Communication 

Office Hrs



Katie Swanson

Chair of University and Student Affairs


College Representative
At-Large representing
College of Veterinary Medicine

Office Hrs

Ajay Barman

Chair Programming

College Representative

The Graduate School

Office Hrs

Rabayet Sadnan

Chair of Internal Affairs 

College Representative
At-Large representing College of Business

Office Hrs

Samuel Aina

Chair of Professional Development Initiative
College Representative
College of Communication  

Office Hrs


Chair of Community Affairs

College Representative

Office Hrs




TaMisha Greathouse

Associate Director

Student Involvement
CUB 320


Lisa Gloss

Lisa Gloss

Dean of the Graduate School

Graduate School
324 French Administration Building
Pullman, WA 99164
(509) 335-6412


Office Staff



Edna Mutonga

Office Assistant



Paolo Miguel Macariola

Office Assistant




College Department  Name Email Position Committee Assignment
Business Business  Shenrui 'Demi' Deng demi.deng@wsu.edu Senator-at-large  
Business Businesss Oluseyi Elliott oluseyi.elliott@wsu.edu Senator  
CAHNRS Biological Systems Engineering Uddhav Bhattarai uddhav.bhattarai@wsu.edu Senator-at-large  
CAHNRS Crop and Soil Sciences (with College of CAHNRS, Agriculture, M.S.) Shahbaz Ahmed shahbaz.ahmed@wsu.edu Senator  
CAHNRS Department of Horticulture Xuechun"May"Wang xuechun.wang1@wsu.edu Senator-at-large  
CAHNRS Human Development Claudia Skinner claudia.skinner@wsu.edu Senator-at-large  
CAHNRS Plant Pathology Samodya Jayasinghe samodya.jayasinghe@wsu.edu Senator  
CAHNRS Research & Extension Centers Alexa McDaniel alexa.mcdaniel@wsu.edu Senator  
CAHNRS School of Economic Sciences Reetwika Basu reetwika.basu@wsu.edu Senator  
CAHNRS School of Economic Sciences Magdana Kondaridze magdana.kondaridze@wsu.edu Senator-at-large  
CAHNRS School of Food Science Debomitra Dey debomitra.dey@wsu.edu Senator  
CAS Anthropology Madison Honig madison.honig@wsu.edu Senator-at-large  
CAS Chemistry Zahra Armanfard zahra.armanfard@wsu.edu Senator-at-large  
CAS History Sam Fleischer sam.fleischer@wsu.edu Senator  
CAS Mathematics Gajanan Kothawade gajanan.kothawade@wsu.edu Senator-at-large  
CAS Mathematics and Statistics Derrick Bonney derrick.bonney@wsu.edu Senator  
CAS Physics and Astronomy Syeed Ahmed syeed.ahmed@wsu.edu Senator  
CAS Sch of the Environment-CAS Summer Lockhart myfugi@wsu.edu Senator  
CAS School of Languages, Cultures, and Race and the Program in American Studies Charles Ross charles.a.ross@wsu.edu Senator  
CAS Sociology Kiley Simpson kiley.simpson@wsu.edu Senator  
Comm College of Communication Jocelyn Mckinnon Crowley j.mckinnon-crowley@wsu.edu Senator  
Comm College of Communication Anastasia Vishnevskaya a.vishnevskaya@wsu.edu Senator Internal Affairs
Education Educ Leader and Sport Mgt Jo Ann Arinder joann.arinder@wsu.edu Senator-at-large  
Education Kinesiology & Ed Psych Oluwafemi Sunday oluwafemi.sunday@wsu.edu Senator  
Education Teaching and Learning Amira Albagshi amira.albagshi@wsu.edu Senator  
Education Teaching and Learning Humberto Jimenez Fernandez humberto.jimenez@wsu.edu Senator  
Grad Sch Graduate School Stephen Onayemi stephen.onayemi@wsu.edu Senator-at-large  
Grad Sch Material Science & Engineering Tamanna Khan tamanna.khan@wsu.edu Senator-at-large  
Grad Sch Molecular Plant Science Andrew Herr andrew.herr@wsu.edu Senator  
VCEA Chemical Eng & Bioengineering Wrya Mohammadi wrya.mohammadi@wsu.edu Senator-at-large  
VCEA Civil & Environmental Engineering Fokruddin Ahmad fokruddin.ahmad@wsu.edu Senator-at-large  
VCEA Sch of Design & Const-CEA Shruti Sunil Patil shrutisunil.patil@wsu.edu Senator-at-large  
VCEA School of Elect Eng. & Comp Sci Abodh Poudyal abodh.poudyal@wsu.edu Senator  
VCEA School of Elect Eng. & Comp Sci Ali Shakeri Kahnamouei a.shakerikahnamouei@wsu.edu Senator  
VCEA School of Mech And Matls Eng Sushant Ciliveri sushant.ciliveri@wsu.edu Senator  
VCEA School of Mech And Matls Eng Arjak Bhattacharjee arjak.bhattacharjee@wsu.edu Senator  
Vet Med College of Veterinary Medicine Arshdeep Singh arshdeep.singh2@wsu.edu Senator-at-large  
Vet Med Molecular Biosciences Jacob Woodbury  jacob.woodbury@wsu.edu Senator  
Vet Med Neuroscience Ali Afrouzian ali.afrouzian@wsu.edu Senator-at-large  
  Professional Carla Marcela De Lira carla.delira@wsu.edu Senator-at-large  
  Professional Rainier Peters rw.peters@wsu.edu Senator-at-large  
  School of Biological Sciences Viktoriya Vasina viktoriya.vasin@wsu.edu Senator  
  School of Biological Sciences Tathagata Pal tathagata.pal@wsu.edu Senator-at-large